Rechargeble Electric Water Flosser S9A1513


The Cheapest  Water Flosser
Price: 3.6-4.5USD
Item No.:   S9A1513
Item Name:  Rechargeble Electric Water Flosser
* Material:ABS  POM   PP
* Net weight: 220g
* Water tank capacity: 150ml
* Waterproof: IPX6
* Charging Voltage: 5V
* Charging Current: 1A
* Rated Voltage: 3.7V
* Rated Power: 3.5W
* Working Levels:3 modes,strong/weak/pluse
* Size: 135*60mm
* Size of color box:15.5*4.5*9.5cm
* Built-in lithium battery: 800mah
Each in opp bag+white box
Outer size38*24*33cm/40pcs  9/10kgs